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Welcome to Intermediance & Partners

We are here to provide you with the best advice. The size of our organisation allows us to operate throughout Belgium and we work both for private individuals and large institutions, including major litigation cases. Our team consists of 15 full, candidate and trainee judicial officers (Huissiers de Justice), one Centre of Studies manager, one IT manager, lawyers and specialist staff & 13 judicial officers PARTNERS.


Anything you want to know? Anything you’re worried about? Just contact us! We’re here to provide you with information or to help you find a solution matching your individual circumstances. We always give priority to mediation, doing our best to reconcile as quickly as possible (thereby avoiding unnecessary costs) the often divergent interests of the parties in face-to-face meetings, respecting obligations and human relations.


Our website is also yours. We have done our best to make available to you a range of functions making it easier for you to work with us and responding to your demands. However we are always open to suggestions from our (potential) clients. So please do not hesitate to send us any comments you might have.

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